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Black Lives Matter.


Steel Magic Northwest stands against racism of all kinds, and recognizes that our country has a long history of institutional racism, especially against those of African heritage.  We stand in solidarity with the entire Black community. We are outraged by the injustice and violence perpetrated toward Black individuals and communities.


The steel pan, steel band, and most of the music we perform in this art form are directly rooted in African culture. The descendants of enslaved people in Trinidad created this musical instrument; its very existence is the response to cultural oppression by their rulers. The steel pan was borne out of oppression, injustice, and the rebellion against it. In our own ways, each of us must “rebel” by working for change in the institutional systems that now oppress and deny people of color the same opportunities as others.


We are looking within and educating ourselves to increase our level of awareness of our own shortcomings.  We are committed to listening, learning and supporting.  We will work to improve and become active participants in undoing institutionalized racism here in our community. We all must strive to do better. 

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