Steel Magic Northwest is fully committed to making this activity safe during the Coronavirus. These are the measures we are taking:


• any person with symptoms of a cold, flu, or COVID-19 must stay home

• any person from a household with a suspected or confirmed case of the virus must stay home

• any person who has had close contact with another person who has a suspected or confirmed case of the virus must stay home

• temperatures are taken and logged upon arrival; anyone with a fever (or any symptom) is asked to return home

Air quality and flow

• each rehearsal starts with all fresh air brought in from the outdoors, and space heaters will disperse the air away from the players, while a slow general draft and HVAC will continually bring fresh outdoor air into the room. Approximately every seven minutes, the room's air will be completely replaced with outdoor air. (In colder months, our rehearsal spaces will be on the cool side.)


• hands are washed/sanitized upon arrival

• facial covering (masks, bandanas, gaiters) required at all times. SMN can provide a disposable mask if someone forgets theirs

• mallets and hands are sanitized prior to each use (between songs if the players change)

• minimum of 6' distance between players (our rehearsal spaces can accommodate even more distance and we will use it)

• hand sanitizer and sterile wipes kept handy in the rehearsal space


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